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Baby Shower Games, Tips and Ideas

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  Ok, so what is a Baby Shower?

  In some countries, a baby shower is a way to celebrate the pending or recent birth of a child by presenting gifts to the parents at a party. The term "shower" is often assumed to mean that the expectant mother is "showered" with gifts.
  Traditionally, baby showers were given only for the family's first child, and only women attended. The original intent was for women to share wisdom and lessons on the art of becoming a mother. Over time, it has become common to hold them for subsequent or adopted children, and/or invite men as well. It is not uncommon for a parent to have more than one baby shower, such as one with friends and another with co-workers.
  Because the party centers on gift-giving, the baby shower is typically arranged and hosted by a close friend rather than a member of the family, since it is considered rude for families to beg for gifts on behalf of their members.
  There is no set rule for when or where showers are to be held. The number of guests and style of entertainment are determined by the host. Most hosts invite only women to baby showers, although there is no firm rule requiring this. If the shower is held after the baby's birth, then the baby is usually brought, too. Showers typically include food but not a full meal.
  Guests bring small or large gifts for the expectant mother. Typical gifts related to babies include diapers, baby bottles, clothes, toys or so popular diaper cakes which includes several typical gifts as a all in one. It is common to open the gifts during the party.
Some hosts arrange baby-themed activities, such as games to taste baby foods or to guess the baby's birth date or gender.

Popular Baby Shower games:

Dirty diaper game - Have mom-to-be change baby doll diaper. Use chocolate topping and tea to make the game more realistic. If it's her first diaper change, it may be a lot of fun :) /You will need diaper, chocolate topping, tea and baby wipes/

Blindfold diaper change game - Sometimes very tired new mom needs to change diaper in the middle of the night with her "eyes wide shut". This fun game may be a time saver in the near future :) Watch mom-to-be or other guests make it right. /You will need a diaper and a doll./

Match the socks game - Put several unpaired pairs of different colors socks in a bag. Mix them well and give each player minute or two to pair them. Winner is a guest who at the end of the time paired the most socks. /You will need several, possibly 10 or more pairs of socks and some container to mix all of them/

Baby food game - Have each guest try baby food from unmarked container to guess what is it. Sounds pretty easy, right? Think twice... you will be surprised how many people will guess it wrong! /You will need unmarked containers. Put jars in warm water for 10-15 minutes to dissolve glue from the label. It will be easier to take it off . You may also use nontransparent paper and piece of tape to cover the label/

Baby charades game - is a word guessing game. It is an acting game in which one player acts out a baby word or phrase. /You need to produce list with as many as you want "secret" words or phrases. The guests attempt to guess the word or phrase based on the "actor's" performance. They can ask questions, to which the "actor" may give non-verbal responses, such as nodding in affirmation

Name as many baby Items you can game - Have each guest write down as many baby products as they can name within few minutes. Sounds easy at the beginning, but it will start racking their brains for more closer to the end of the game. Give a prize to the guest who gets the most baby products named. /You will need pan and piece of paper for each guest/

Guess mom's tummy size game - Have each woman pull the yarn to the size they believe would fit perfectly around the Mother-To-Be's center of her pregnant tummy. After everyone cuts their yarn , compare the results to the Mommy-To-Be's actual tummy. Give a prize to the lady who is the closest! This is a long time baby shower favorite. /You will need few feet of yarn for each player/

How well do you know mommy-to-be game - ( It's a great time for mommy-to-be to take a brake and refresh herself since she needs to stay out of the sight for this game ) Have each guest write down facial features of future mom ( for example: hair length and color, eye color or even what is she wearing right now ) /You will need pen and piece of paper with already written questions/

Drinking game - Milk of course :) or any other favorite soft drink or juice - Have each participating guest drink it from baby bottle with nipple. First to finish provided amount is winning the game /You will need few baby bottles of the same size /

Baby trivia game - Make a list of questions about babies or parenting and make 3 different answers for each of the questions, where only one is true. For example: How much parents spend in the first year on diapers or how many of them will be used in the first year. Questions and answers can be found in many publications, including internet. Google is a good start :)

What is it? game - mom-to-be is blindfolded and needs to tell their guests what she has in her hands. It's even more fun if mom-to-be is told that these are items from around the house... /You will need some toys or baby items, blanket or bag to cover/hide the items/

Word scrambler game - One of the favorite baby shower games. You will need to scramble some baby words. For example: bottle = letobt , diaper = repaid or pacifier = ficipare /You will need pen and piece of paper for each guest. It's easier and faster if you have the scrambled words printed and each participant have to write the unscrambled word next to it/

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 Baby Shower prize ideas

- Small/travel size hand lotions
- Special home made cookies or candies packed in clear cellophane bag
- Scented candles
- Picture frames
- Fridge magnets
- Handmade soaps
- Coaster sets
- Small planting kits such as "grass heads"
- Anything that is practical, fun or at least sweet :)

Freebies for new parents

Free Baby Magazines

A great source of information for moms and dads is parenting magazines. Two of the best free parenting magazines are Baby Talk and American Baby. Anyone can request their free subscriptions at Parenting.com/babytalkmagazine and Americanbaby.com

Free Diaper Bag

Expectant parents can get a free, stylish diaper bag from Enfamil. Parents need to print out the the free diaper bag certificate on the Enfamil website and bring it with them to the hospital. In addition to the free diaper bag, new parents can also get over $250 worth of free baby goodies including: Playing with Your Baby magazine, samples of Enfamil formula, parenting pamphlets and coupons. Freebies are available by signing up for the Enfamil Family Beginnings Program at Enfamil.com

Free Baby Products Samples

Sign up for the newsletters or coupons on Pampers, Huggies, Gerber or any other major manufacture of the baby products website. You will need to provide your address information.

Free Baby Medications and formula samples

Your doctor office gets a lot of freebies from drug companies. These are sample packages, including very popular pain killers and fever reducers - Tylenol or Motrin to name a couple. Make sure to ask about these samples. It may be enough to get you through your babys sickness. Doctors offices also have free formula samples. When you are a new parent and need help deciding which formula your baby would like, try few sample cans

Collecting Coupon Codes

By collecting coupon codes from diaper boxes or baby wipes for example, soon you may be eligible to get free products from manufacturers as a thank you gift for your brand loyalty.

Free Printable Coloring books

Check Disney, Nickelodeon or PBS kids websites for printable coloring books or game ideas.

Free Prints

Check online photo processing, storage and print services such as Snappish or Shutterfly for their free offers.They usually offers from 25 to 50 free prints for new members. With a new baby it's a good place to start and check which place provides best service for your future needs. Also don't forget to sign up for their e mails. They will send you great coupons you can redeem for future purchases

Free Books and Movies

Well... free for renting. Your local library have a huge baby and parenting resources. It's not only free to use, but also great and quiet place to take a break from your now busy life while browsing for books.

Child Car Seat Safety Check Service

Most fire departments and many police stations provide this free and extremely important safety service. They will make sure that the seat is correctly and securely installed in your car. They will provide you with all the safety tips how to make sure your baby is safe while in the car. It's a sad and well known fact, that many car seats are incorrectly secured and parents are not using seatbelts correctly, for example not making them tight enough to provide safety during emergency stopping or in the case of an accident. Please contact your local FD or PD department and ask where you should go for car seat installation safety checkup.

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